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Com muito pesar comunicamos o falecimento do Rabino Yehoshua Dubrawsky a"h, pai do Rabino Fitche שיחי', à uma hora desta madrugada, em Brooklyn, New York.

Shiva na casa do rabino fitche, segunda e terça - 17-18 de maio.

O rabino Fitche vai estar em Curitiba os ultimas dias de Shiva, pelo falecimento de seu pai, Rav Yehoshua z"l.

Horarios das Rezas:
Segunda-feira 16/5, Mincha e Arvit: 17h15
Terca-feira 17/5 Shacharit: 7h30

Rua Carneiro Lobo, 243

Pedimos que façam o possivel para comparecer as rezas, para que possamos completar um miniyan.

rabino y. Dubrawsky

Harav Yehushua Dubrawsky z"l em Curitiba, Purim 2005

Um artigo (em ingles) sobre Rav Yehoshua Dubrawsky z"l

Rabbi Yehoshua Dubrawsky, one of the most prolific Chassidic writers in Yiddish of his time, whose children and grandchildren are Shluchim worldwide, passed away Thursday morning, Iyar 29, 5770.

He was 82.

Born in Krolewedz, Russia, he moved with his family to Paris, France, where he met and married his wife Asia Menkin.

For over three decades Hayshke was one of the main editors of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's published talks in Yiddish into the first few volumes of the Lekutei Sichos series.

That work earned him the rare compliment from the Rebbe on one of these talks – "this is the best hanocho of my talks I have ever seen."

Hayshke was best known for his writings, as one of the main writers for Di Yiddishe Heim, a Lubavitch publication, and the two yiddish weeklies Algemeiner Journal and the Forward.

In his weekly columns, Hayshke, in his inimitable style, would cut to the heart and soul of issues ranging from Jewish thought to general philosophical quandaries, from different controversial issues to book reviews.

Gershon Jacobson OBM, founding publisher of the Algemeiner, has lauded Hayshke as perhaps the most under appreciated Yiddish writer of our times.

Simon Jacobson, current publisher of Algemeiner Journal, told COLlive.com: "Less known, perhaps, was that he was a brilliant thinker and scholar, with a prodigious knowledge of Torah in all its dimensions, as well as mathematics, science and the arts.

"With all his knowledge and skill, Hayshke was unique in remaining a humble Chassid, true to his roots. He captured the agonies and joys of Jewish life in the past century – both under the cruel Soviet regime and later in a free America.

"All our readers were deeply inspired and moved by his unparalleled style of weaving together profound Torah and Chassidic insights, tragedy, humor, and above all – giving us an authentic taste of the Chassidishe warmth (varemkeit) and passion that permeated his family's life and the life of the Chassidim he grew up with."

He is the father and grandfather of many Shluchim around the world and was proud of their work as leaders of communities, education and outreach.

He is survived by his wife, Asia, and children: Sarah Gurevitch - shlucha in Lyon, France, Yosef Yitzchok Dubrowsky - shliach in Curitiba, Brazil, Lipa Dubrawsky - Shliach in Vancouver, Canada, Mendel Dubrowsky - Shliach in Dallas, Texas, Miriam Labkowsky - Shlucha in Los Angeles, CA, Zlata Geisinsky - Shlucha in Bethesda, Maryland and Chana Katzman - Shlucha in Staten Island, NY.

The levaya will be leaving Shomrei Hadas at 1:00 pm and will pass by 770 at 1:45 pm.

Boruch Dayan Haemes

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